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All GIA-certified natural, earth mined diamond engagement rings purchased from Iannelli Diamonds are eligible for a credit amount of 100% of the purchase price, based on current market conditions. That amount must go towards a new diamond that is at least double in value or more. The natural diamond you are trading in must be first inspected by an Iannelli team member to ensure it is in original condition and be accompanied by the original diamond certificate and guarantee/receipt. Lab diamonds, moissanites, precious and semi-precious center stones are ineligible for upgrade.  


Iannelli Diamonds accepts all major credit cards, checks, bank wire transfers, and PayPal. Upon receiving any deposit or full payment, your sales associate will e-mail you an official store receipt with all the details of your purchase including center diamond specifications, ring setting information, and amounts paid/balance due.

Credit card: We accept all major credit cards in-store, or online via a secured credit card authorization form sent through Adobe Sign. We keep the details of your credit card secure and no additional charges will be applied to the credit card without your full approval.

Personal or certified bank checks: Please allow three to five business days for personal checks to clear before any items can be shipped. All checks should be made payable to “Iannelli Diamonds” and addressed to: Iannelli Inc. 45 W 47th Street, New York, NY 10036

Bank wire transfer: We provide you with our full account details upon request and transfers usually take between one to five business days to process.

PayPal electronic invoices can be created the same day and sent directly to your e-mail address. You must have an active PayPal account to accept invoices and submit payments

Layaway plan: A down payment of approximately 40% of the total purchase price will enable clients to secure an item (complete engagement ring, loose diamond, ring setting) or to begin production on a custom ring. Diamond and metal prices fluctuate and our inventory of finished rings and loose diamonds change frequently so this will guarantee you an item you want at the agreed-upon price. Installment payments can be made over a time frame of up to 6 months (or more in some instances). Once the balance is paid in full we will arrange for delivery or in-store pick up.


Iannelli Diamonds accepts the following methods of payment:

-All major credit and debit cards, including VISA, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover
-Personal and Certified Bank Checks made payable to "Iannelli Diamonds"
-Bank Wire Transfers
-Money Orders
-Cashier Checks

Checks, wire transfers, and money orders must clear before items can be shipped.


A sales tax of 8.875% is only collected on orders pick up in-store or shipped to addresses within New York state. 


For those able to visit our New York store during any point of the purchasing process, we will precisely measure your finger size prior to starting production on the ring(s). For remote clients, we suggest going to a local jewelry store to have your size measured. We offer free one time re-sizing on all rings purchased. For those who are unable to make it into our New York showroom we will provide you with an insured reverse shipping label via e-mail.


Insuring your jewelry, especially engagement rings and wedding bands, is highly recommended for several reasons. As with anything of value you want to have some level of coverage in case the unexpected happens; loss, theft, or damage. This is especially true for engagement rings and wedding bands which are worn almost every day and have a higher likely hood of being misplaced, stolen or accidentally damaged. Applying for and receiving insurance is a very simple process. All you need is your jewelry appraisal (at Iannelli we provide appraisals on all pieces sold) to obtain an instant quote and get covered. We recommend Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group to offer repair and replacement jewelry insurance on Iannelli purchases.


Your appraisal will include an estimated retail value of the item, as well as a written report stating the type, quality, and carat weight of the gemstone, along with the type of precious metal.


Please note that images of the jewelry on are not necessarily shown to scale. Some images may appear larger or smaller than their actual size. We try our best to give you accurate pictures, as well as measurements and descriptions, of every piece that we list. Our objective is to present you with the most information possible so that you can see and understand the beauty and design of our merchandise and make an educated purchase that you will cherish forever.

In order to comply with FTC regulations as well as industry standards, Iannelli Diamonds affirms that, for all jewelry items, carat total weight may differ from stated weight by as much as 0.05 carats. In the case of jewelry pieces with multiple diamonds, Iannelli provides a minimum total carat weight. Factors of color and clarity are provided in one of two ways, as a minimum or as an average. The method used depends upon the number of diamonds in the piece under consideration. If a minimum is used, we confirm that all diamonds in the piece meet the stated minimum, in terms of quality grade. If an average is used, we confirm that the diamonds, taken as a group with grades averaged, meet or exceed the stated quality grade. For custom jewelry and wedding band orders, total carat weight may vary based on finger size selected and other customizations. 


At Iannelli Diamonds, we make every attempt to ensure the listed prices for all items are accurate and up to date. However, price depends upon availability and other market factors and is subject to change without notice. Additionally, price and other information may be inaccurate, due to system or human error. We reserve the right to cancel and refuse any sale made on the basis of an incorrect price. We sincerely regret any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your understanding.


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